Luc Wilboorts HealingEverything is awareness. Each material form is created and maintained by an awareness which is a part of the great universal awareness. If the awareness withdraws itself from the material form, the last one will fall apart. This is what we call “pass away”. This awareness only partially withdrawing or not connecting for a 100% will cause defects in the material form. It will function less and become ill. One can see this process in each life-form. That means that behind every aberration of the ideal form, or illness, is hiding a disturbance in the awareness.

One can try to solve this disturbance, which can also be found in the aura-layers and chakras, by healing. The cause for the disturbance is mostly found in (old) emotional traumas, fears, feelings of guilt and especially self-condemnations. These problems have their origin in this life or in one or several previous lives, which we call “incarnations”; literally “to become flesh”. The longer one carries a disturbance in this life, the greater its effect; it may even start to determine one’s life conditions. The heavier the disturbance, the deeper its impact on the physical body, causing a condition that even may be irreversible.

Each awareness, however, will find its own path and pace to raise its old blockades and find peace within itself.