Luc Wilboorts HealingIn my treatment, I try to deal with the person in his totality. The three main pillars are: foot-reflexology, healing and deep intuitive massages.

Foot-reflexology can relax the entire nervous system; both the vegetative (or sympathetic) and the central with the different brain zones. The sympathetic system is very important because it regulates all the survival functions. It contains the organs, the immunity system, the temperature regulation and the endocrine gland system. The sympathetic nervous system has an activating part (orthosympathicus) and a relaxing part (parasympathicus). If the balance between these two parts is disturbed, all the systems mentioned before can be disrupted, what will lead to illness. Foot-reflexology will try to restore this balance. Treatment of the brain zones will calm the “main computer”. It is important to find out why the sympathetic system is unbalanced and why the “main computer” is overloaded. The main causes are psychic and emotional stress and trauma, leading us back to the disturbance in awareness, as mentioned earlier.

Healing will try to raise the old and new blockades. The result depends on the persons’ openness; sometimes changes can appear really fast, sometimes it’s more of a precision work. Both are just as well since everybody evolves in his own way and at his own speed. The healing will happen partly with and partly without physical contact, depending on the impact the psycho-emotional and energetic disturbances already had on the physical body. Everything I do is guided by my higher awareness.

The deep intuitive massages, especially of the muscles next to the spinal column, the base of the skull, the shoulder girdle and the pelvis will lead to a further relaxation of the central and sympathetic nervous system. My hands intuitively go to the places that need to be relaxed.