Luc Wilboorts HealingAs I mentioned before, our physical body is created and maintained by an awareness. When it withdraws the body will fall apart. This is what we call “pass away”. Our awareness (spirit or soul) then evolves through several astral layers to go to “the light”. In these astral layers several purifying processes take place in order to separate the awareness from the physical, earthly reality, enabling it to transfer to “the light” as pure energy.

A dying person resisting this process, will get stuck in the lower astral layers. These layers are still strongly connected to the physical world so the deceased’ presence can still be sensed. This may cause an area of tension. There are many reasons why someone cannot give up the material world; such as fear for the dying process and the unknown that is to come, sudden death, not willing to let go of the material welfare or power, … Suicide also can cause problems, especially when the feeling of desperation comes with a self-condemnation. Since we can connect to the awareness by healing, there is no difference in the treatment of a living or a deceased person. By taking away the reason why a deceased person is still holding on to the material world, he can let go and pass on to the light.

How do you know if a deceased person is still present in a place? Possible signals are:

- Not sleeping well while being able to do so in an other place
- Lack of energy, tiredness
- Anxiety or unrest in the place
- Resistance to be in a certain room
- Remarkably many things that get broken or don’t function well
- Renovations where everything seems to go wrong
- Pets sometimes indicate a disturbance by never going to that place

The problem can be solved on the spot but also from a distance using a picture of the place, the house or the deceased person if known. Complex situations, such as battlefields, need to be solved on the spot. Sometimes this will happen in various phases.